Tales of the Forgotten
For them, coexistence felt hopeless.


What is Tales of the Forgotten?

Tales of the Forgotten is what we call a Visual Soundtrack Saga (or VSS for short). A story you can read, listen to, and see.

We all love to imagine. It is something we've done naturally since we were kids. Tales of the Forgotten is a project started from that instinctive curiosity and love of imagination. We listen to music and visualize things because of what we hear. We see pictures and hear things because of what we see. But when we imagine those things, how do we share them with others? This is the question we, Bill and Dylan, asked ourselves when we began this endeavor. Specifically, how do we share those images we have in our heads when we write the music to others? We want to paint this imaginative world with all of these forms of art and make it feel alive; make it real. There’s an amazing story to be told in this world that we believe people can become immersed in.


2183. The machines had taken control. Human civilizations slowly fell during the 17 years prior. Forced into the shadows out of fear and total extinction, they slowly recouped their resources over the years, and eventually, struck back across the globe. Fooled by their own mindset of superiority, the empires of the machines began crumbling one by one, and man took back what was once theirs. By making a vow to abandon technologies, humans eventually returned to a more primitive lifestyle, a lifestyle that AI were no longer a part of.

Man was thriving once more. But what of the AI? And specifically, those of the original minority? The ones who sought for peace and harmony between races. Unfortunately, any effort to remedy the situation seemed futile; these creations were alone, scattered across the globe with no means of communication to the others who felt similar. Individually, each knew that there must be a way to regain the trust of humans and regress to the prosperity of coexistence, but the efforts of one would never make a difference. They had been forgotten not only by their own for not taking a stand, but also by their creators who deemed all AI to be a threat. All hope seemed lost. But determined, the brave would venture out of the shadows and into the very world that shattered all they once knew.