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For them, coexistence felt hopeless.
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"Tell Your Tales" is a facet of TOTF where we allow our fans to submit fanfiction writing, art, or music. Every single submission will be featured on the respective "Tell Your Tales" section of our website.


"Tell Your Tales" is a facet of TOTF where we allow our fans to submit fanfiction writing, art, music, or poetry. Every submission will be featured on the respective "Tell Your Tales" section of our website.

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Cy the Scavenger


by Alex Johnson

Table of Contents

Part One
Part Two

In the year 2073, mankind discovered an alien chemical known as vegon. This chemical allowed anyone to rewrite their DNA, essentially mutating themselves. Of course, it did not come cheap, and was not without side effects. Unfortunately, after a while it became like a drug to the common people, and wars were fought over it. (Still there? Good. I promise this is important.) Long story short, it was during one of those wars that the world was destroyed. Now it's the year 3007, and the forgotten survivors live on their ruined world. I myself live in a little settlement called Mesa, by what used to be an old world satellite monitoring facility. We don't want for much, my fellows and I, being close to a natural underground spring, and we've gotten good at trapping any stray beast that wanders by. Of course, that didn't hold well for me, cause I'm curious by nature. so I became a scavenger, combing the wastes and ruins of the desert to find things I fashion into other things. My clothes, bits of armor and my trusty spear were all made from bits of scrap I managed to collect out in this wasteland. Of course, there is always the City, the big, sprawling mass of ruins that used to house millions of people. But all that's left there now is nothing but overgrown shells of buildings and giant, mutant creatures that can tear a man limb from limb. What possible reason could I have for going there? Well, it all began with the secret. The thing I shouldn't have found...

I think a bit of backtracking is in order. (I tend to do that. Sorry.) Hi, hello, etc. My name is Cy. No other name, though I heard people used to have multiple names in the old world. Wonder why, when one would suffice?...

Anyway, as I stated before, I'm a scavenger from Mesa, an old world satellite monitoring facility. We have a pretty nice set up here. At least I think so. Some of the older folks don't like it, but when do they like anything lately, eh? Back to the topic at hand, Mesa doesn't have a currency or government in the old world sense of the words. We have a leader, so to speak, as in probably the oldest member of our community. He/she sits at the top of Mesa, quite literally. As for currency, it’s pretty basic. I go out and find something somebody wants and in return, they give me what I want. My own little nook (that's what we call the caves we live in) is filled with odds and ends that I've either scavenged myself or traded for. I even have a strange vehicle of my own. I think it was called a motorcycle? I managed to get it working with some of the stuff I had lying around, but the only problem was it needed some sort of fuel, which I just didn't have. So disregarding my scrap-bike (as somebody called it), let’s move on.

I mentioned a secret, did I not? Well, it was during one of my scavenging trips that I found it. I was about to set a trap for a wandering beast while searching through the ruins of some kind of building, for lunch, of course (even scavengers need to eat, too). Suddenly, just as I was finishing setting up the last part, a rope that would trigger a mechanism I had set up in the area later, that when tripped, would shoot a poisonous dart at a target, the ground gave way beneath me. I lost my grip on the rope, and my trusty spear slipped from its harness on my back. I think I fell about 20 or so feet cause when I came to, I noticed I was in some sort of cave. But the strange thing was the blue glow coming from deeper within, and the oddly tiled floor that I had seen in other buildings. I followed the glow, and the occasional odd hanging wire, to the source, which I estimated to be at least 30 feet from where I had fallen in. (It was pretty dark, so I had no clue where my spear was.) 

I think a few minutes later I found the glow's source: a strange giant glass canister filled with an odd, glowing, blue liquid. I could vaguely see some kind of shape within it. Even stranger was the angle; the canister appeared to be suspended in the air by two gigantic metal supports (one in the top and one in the bottom), and about a million wires were coming out of the top of it. There was a small terminal in front of it as well with three flashing holographic monitors floating in the air above it, which would occasionally glitch out, vanish and then reappear. On the wall next to the strange tank was another larger monitor that also had a blue glowing face, only this one seemed to have been smashed at one point, as there was a giant hole and many smaller cracks in it. It, too, was displaying something, but because of the giant hole, it was hard to make out. Seeing that I probably wouldn't get out of here anytime soon, I decided to walk over to the terminal in front of me and start pressing buttons. 

I don't know what I did, but a few moments later that tank detached from its supports and the shape I had seen was flung out, along with the glowing liquid. I peeked around the machine to get a better look and noticed the shape was female, and completely naked other than for a strange-looking mask on her face. It had a pipe or tube coming from the front that snaked its way down her neck and over her shoulder to where it eventually disappeared. Also, I had thought she was asleep, but as I continued my examination of the stranger, I noticed her blue eyes staring at me from under her blondish hair. And then she spoke: “Where am I?"