Tales of the Forgotten
For them, coexistence felt hopeless.


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Traced our eyes upon those soils,
forgot our names in the dust,
and buried our souls within the folds
of this world.

Footprints long erased by fierce winds,
who are we to remember what the land
deemed to be forgotten
by everything?
She spoke of green pastures, blue skies,
lulling breeze singing lullabies,
but all we see when we close our eyes
is the bleak darkness
of our eyelids.

Seasons bring nothing but dust
to our weary doorstep,
names no longer serve recognition,
just propel the silence between
our breaths,
and he who once stood tall,
tall enough to hide the sun,
he’s now crumbling to pieces
in the soil of this forgotten land
just like everything;
like us.
— Noora F. Lek
Aphotic: Everyone is afraid of me, but why are they? Is it because of my name, or what I do? Perhaps, but I have good intentions for what I do. I offer pure happiness and peace, do not fear me if you see me at the doorstep, I’ll take you somewhere nothing can harm you.
— Sith Empire
Forgotten is the truth of our origin, unknown is the way existence began. To find these simple truths, we must first pass on to the void, never to return. It is because of this that we can never truly know the secrets of the universe, that our lifetime’s journeys always end in futility.
— Sal Aragon Mander


zsera suite

I can never really grasp
The beauty of that habitable expanse
That will exist for the long~ time that will elapse.
Gazing at it throws me into a trance
That freezes all time.

She tells me...
”It’s not something you can describe in a word,”
And probably not even a thousand.
As I lose myself in everything I see,
I realise that explaining the feeling is simply absurd —
Because just look at this land...
How does one describe it.

Out of all my moments,
The rocky giants in the distance,
The metal edifice
In which she resides,
The night view of that calm lake
That drifts her from her night’s wake,
The open sky she reaches out to,
The wind’s velvety coo;
They trap me in the cage of now
And, to my past, make me blind.
Yet, of that, somehow,
I honestly don’t mind
Because I’m here and not anywhere else.

She says there’s no name for this land, her home,
”There’s no need for one when you have a world so complete,”
To which I agree, of this land is beauty, the epitome.
But for reference’s sake, I think I’ll just call it the Zsera Suite.
— Vora Z
Day 241: I have managed to explore and catalogue all of the usable materials left from the ship’s crash. They have been stored for use in the future beneath the shelter I have created. I’m lonely, I miss my parents, the crew, even that mean old gunnery officer Desmond. I keep waking up crying from nightmares about the crash and no matter how much I try to avoid it I keep on wandering back to the graves I made on the hill overlooking the lake. The flowers I planted there have begun to take route, I know mom would have liked them, they’re blue and white just like the ones at home.

I made a friend today, a bird that looks so much like a dove. I made a little bowl where I leave food for him to eat. I don’t actually know if it’s a male or not but I’ve decided to call it a him anyway. He doesn’t seem to mind me too much and I hope someday he might trust me enough to let me pet him. In the meantime I can only watch from a distance and wish that I could fly away like he could. I’m so lonely, I just want to go home, I want to hear a voice, any voice besides mine…
— Namadic Desert
The forgotten are never lost
They watch from above
Seeing the world with the doves
Though they could not say goodbye and never will
For their voice would be shrill,
For it has been long forgotten

What is it like when you forget
Have you ever known?
It is like a stitch that was never sewn
— Fern Moonbeam42



I’ve missed out on so many years of actual life.
My only friends being pain, suffering, and strife.
They never loved me,
The only ones I had.
All my strength came from my burdens,
The ones that came, from mom and dad.
I wasn’t treated right,
Or loved,
All that was mine, was my own heart and spite.
But here I am,
Still pushing,
Growing strong,
For I am a lost soul,
Who was always treated wrong.
— Savvy
When I talk to preach, I’m failing to listen.
When I neglect what you say, you don’t receive my love.
When I am focused on my outlook of the world... I’m the problem.
I’m tired of being the problem. When I have the power to help others by listening, and I don’t do so, I am responsible. I am a powerful force, I am responsible. I will listen. We all need someone to listen to us. We are all in pain.
— James Till
There she is, beneath her skin, an angel of elements, a guardian of life.
Don’t lose her in the silence. Let her sing in the wind and witness finding freedom in her element.
At last, she whispers, and you wake alone.
— Kowen 3415
To hope is to be unsure of what is to come, but to believe carries with it a weight of certainty and confidence of what will pass.
— MiN
My last tear drops to the surface. It spreads through the wasteland....and color appears in a flash. The world starts spinning...faster and faster. The trees breathe once again, and I fall to the water as I breathe my last breath. I have given my life to this world, and therefore have not died. I am this world, and I shall watch over it always and forever.
— Julia Crawford
I wanna be on the same world as you too. But trust me... this world... I wish I never found it... pain and suffering at every corner... witnessing it all and knowing there is nothing you can do about it... I want to help everyone I see be happy but... unless the whole world’s willing to change, it won’t... and I’m held prisoner here. Magic doesn’t work here and I have no way home... ... ...
I wanna go home.
— PhoenixNDSTRY
Loneliness is not like me
but you ripped out my heart
and killed my family tree,
as you walk away and depart
leaving me in a teary sea…
Yet I will find my Eden again
by planting another tree of life,
for I believe I can ascend
through the trials and strife...
For life began in a garden
with the chance of stardom…
— Rommel235
Grace rose from the lake. Her body the lake. The lake her body. How long had it been since she had last awoken? 100 years? 200 years? The weight she carried on her shoulders. She wanted to move on but couldn’t. She was forever bound to the lake with no escape. She couldn’t help humanity. They would forever destroy each other and there was nothing she could do. Just because of that one mistake she made. Grace wept on a lone rock in the middle of her prison. Her hair swirling in the water, keeping her bound. She couldn’t cut the ties that bound her, just as she couldn’t cut her past out of the history books.
— Phoenixfireblazer

aapo's theme

Hear the trees singing
Of their plans today
Dance with the birds
And ask them to play
We are not so different
No matter size or type
We are all made of energy
And little bits of light
So feel the sky
Touch the ground
Listen to the Earth
And the day’s sound
For if you listen closely
If you really try
You’ll find we’re all related
No matter how far or high
— Fern Moonbeam42
Birds flying around
Singing out loud
Let’s keep going now
Don’t ask me how
Walking in the frost
To be honest
Nothing is scared
Just listen to what I heard
— Coco_Chibi_Cake

episode III: devolution

inspired by ottumn

Identity is a burning flame
The power embedded in your name
The way you earn your own approval
A reflection of your soul

My name is one I’ve created
To reflect the personality I’ve cultivated
Remember, no two people are the same
My pride, my own, here is my name:

Optimistic, simplistic
Tastefully artistic
Twisted but not malevolent
Unforgiving yet benevolent
Mischievous, unconfined
Never yours, only mine
— Selina Langfeldt


My core is still intact.. Somehow..
I fail to interpret this data…
This emotion?
I see the limp bodies of friends scattered on the ground
They… they… how could they?
This world ripped into a million pieces before my eyes
How could they? How could they?
It’s.. I cannot describe this… what is this feeling?
Doesn’t matter
I still stand…
I’m still here…
I’m still trapped… In this rotting world…
— The Phantom Composer


Among the ruins of the past, our present’s future,
a lone figure stands. Containing the knowledge of humanity,
He waits. Safe guarding it till sentient life returns to the world.
For the day when he can share the knowledge he carries,
and to make sure the mistakes we made never repeat.
— Dark Wiser
A city in ruins. What was created by humans now cannot be inhabited by humans. After they left, nature began to take over.
All that remains of the civilisation are ruined buildings and robotic warriors.
They ran when their creations turned on them. They wandered the streets, killing survivors without mercy. They now wander with no purpose.
They left to escape a war. But one day they will return, having forgotten why they left or even that they had been there in the first place, and the war will begin again. There will be bloodshed, and there will be death when they return.
But for now, the streets of what was are inhabited by beings with no purpose until they return.
— phoenixfireblazer
The moon and stars pierced the sky above,
The wind wove through the cove:
The peace of a long forgotten land
Lost to time’s near endless sand.
Soon in a darkness to be hurled,
Departed is this untouched world;
For lost today is the beauty of old,
Supplanted with shadowy, insidious cold.
What meager light there was before
Though precious still, all men abhor.
All facets of the same bright gem,
The men into cages each other hem;
Unalike and together they would shine,
But yet against each other they opine.
Unaware of the loss that they provide,
They devolve into darkness with stubbornness and pride.
— Erunion Eldamarion
A lone android stood upon crumbling stairs, cracking with age and the many poisonous fungi that pushed through.
It had snuck out of the barracks to satiate his curiosity on what humanity once was.
Now that it was there, all it could do was stare. The buildings were dilapidated and in deplorable condition. But he knew that there were humans in there somewhere. They were mostly gone, but a few survivors lurked in the shadows, pitifully clinging onto life.
Then he saw it.
A group of surviving humans peeked out from a building he was staring at. For a few tense seconds, man and machine beheld each other.
The android lifted its hand. The humans, thinking the movement was peaceful, waved back.
The android brought its hand to its head. ‘Scout to base, fire corrosive missiles at one mile northeast of my location.’
Then the missiles hit the humans and they died, because they forgot they had a huge war between machines long ago.
— Patrick Seo
‘Humanity is rotten.’
’The world is rotten.’
’Everything is rotten.’
Is what the androids said as they went to war against humankind.
Originally created from sin, born from greed, and powered by hatred, the androids were designed to aid humanity.
As slaves, they worked diligently without free will, what the humans did not realize was that they were not simply machines, they had souls, too.
Marching into battle, allies of both sides falling to the dust, led to despair.
A revolutionary industrial innovation meant to evolve the life force.
It was only at the end, when everything had been demolished, the last android and spirit standing realized,
the world did not evolve from darkness, rather devolved from light itself.
— RavexSlayer
The Devolution of this earth
into long forgotten tales,
was everything worth
the now ghostly gales?
As I try to fulfill a purpose
with humans no longer around,
slowly cleaning the surface
starting from this downtown.
As I try to break myself free
to see and do other things,
gone the programming that made me;
if only I was a bird with wings.
Soaring into the wind
into places unknown
no longer pinned
in this place all alone…
— Rommel235
Some people call it a devolution
But I prefer to say revolution
A transfer of potent power
This is an evolutionary hour
A resolution long ago was reached
An ancient wall of defense was breached
Though I wonder, was this the right solution?
It’s too late for irresolution
Going back would mean destitution
Keep going and avoid execution
— Selina Langfeldt
Everything is gone. Alone. Wait for nothing. I am not just a machine. I have feelings, too. Please, don’t forget me…
— Lin Ha
Through humanity’s technological advancements, what was though to be for the better of mankind, had proved otherwise.
Humanity’s spiral in technological advancements, had led to an age of peace, a golden age. Countries because industrial super powers. Weapon’s production had slowed to a crawl. Nobody seen the need for violence, or wars. What had led to humanity’s downfall, no one remembers, it has been far to long for anyone to remember. The answers hidden within the seams of cracked, desiccated buildings.

Seeing humanity’s potential, and the things we never had time to accomplish, the mistakes we had long forgotten to correct.
Something right in front of me, calling out to me, begging for me to discover how humanity had fallen, and how we can avoid repeating the same mistake again. I had a purpose, I had to prove that robot’s had their use. More so than slaving away in factories. Being forced to repeat the same task over and over again, mechanical perfection. Perhaps that is what led to our downfall.

I will prove that robot’s have more use than humanity ignored to accept.
I will rebuild this city, piece by piece.
Whether it cost’s me everything. I don’t care, because I have nothing to lose.
I don’t know if humans still exist, tucked in the corners of the earth far from here. But if they do, and they make a comeback. They will see one thing, a perfectly build city. With no one around it, except for a robot, a robot once mocked by humanity, and enslaved only for it’s best interests. Maybe next time, they will give us a chance to do more important tasks. Maybe next time, they will have more faith and trust in us.

Maybe they will re-create our race. Maybe they will abuse us again, and learn nothing from their previous lesson, or maybe they will have learned their lesson and re-create us and do right by us.
Maybe they will destroy us, and rather forget the creation they once abused.
Whatever their decision is, it will haunt them for as long as the humanity goes on.
— Neon Official
They said this place was a place of Beauty...
They said the towers were Grand like metal giants...
They said this world was Home…

I gaze into the barren wasteland…
Leaves on Metal
Shattered Windows
Broken Statues

This Lonely land…
This Burning junkyard…
This Haunted world…
— The Phantom Composer
The world is near to an end
All alone is this corrupted city
Is there enough time to mend?
Or will we all fall in pity?
— Life is full with surprises

other inspirations

As I lay here in this valley,
thinking ‘bout the distant past.
As I just listen to the peace and silence of surroundings around me.

How the wind brushes its fingers through the grass and tiny flowers that I rest upon.
How the trees dance along with the rhythm of the weather, as their wood slowly crack when they age.

When I look at the mountains with a shape of a beast’s teeth as it scrapes the sky.
When I look at the near coming sunset as it gushes out that warm orange with each passing moment.

As I lay here in this valley, asking myself was it worth it? - A man
whose walked many worlds, fought many battles, lost everything, just to get to this valley. Asking myself was it worth it?
— Richard Stone