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For them, coexistence felt hopeless.


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"Tell Your Tales" is a facet of TOTF where we allow our fans to submit fanfiction writing, art, music, or poetry. Every submission will be featured on the respective "Tell Your Tales" section of our website.

How do I submit my music to Tell Your Tales?
Easy! Just email us at info@talesoftheforgotten.net with your music attached in MP3 or WAV format. You can also provide us with a Soundcloud link if you would like to host the track yourself. (We will repost it to our TYT Soundcloud playlist). It would also be appreciated if you could include a little backstory or inspiration about your work in the email so we could include it with your submission! You can expect your work to be published (with you fully credited) within a few weeks of submission.

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by Bryan Nguyen

I’ve been following Tales of the Forgotten since its early conception, so when there was a chance for fans to actually submit their iterations of the Saga they’ve created, I jumped at the opportunity to integrate my love of music with my nerdom of science fiction literature.  

”Transmission Ezra” was a challenge because I wanted to keep the continuity of the previous tracks that Bill and Dylan have started. My strong suit is percussion, so I wanted to impliment alot of organic sounds (Bamboo sticks, Wine glasses, Drum kit toms) that represented the human race, and synthetic sounds (Vocoder, Hang drums, Arpeggiated Stac Synths) to represent the Artificial Intelligence.  

Among all the concept art, Ezra stood out to me the most, probably because of his demeanor and overall confidence that resonated from the concepts, so he was the basis of my inspiration. I envisioned a perpetual movement, like an assembly line that creates circuitry, which led me to making a 16th note linear groove that resonates through the entirety of the track.  

Alot of the techniques I used in writing this track, was foreshadowed in the tutorial videos that Bill and Dylan published earlier this year during the promotion of their Kickstarter. Some examples would be the doubling of the 8th note ostinato with its 16th note counterpart, the rising brass to introduce the next section, and their liberal use of sound design to supplement the percussion.  

I always felt that Tales of the Forgotten was a blend of Cinematic Film Scoring, meets Epic Music found in Trailers, so it was important that I try (capitalize on try) to imitate the same formula.  

Thank you for sharing my track, “Transmission Ezra”, and I hope to write more for this Cinematic Saga in the future.
— Bryan Nguyen