Tales of the Forgotten
For them, coexistence felt hopeless.


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"The Beginning" Essential Set

"The Beginning" Essential Set


Years of work went into Tales of the Forgotten: The Beginning and we were ecstatic that our Kickstarter became a success. The Essential Set comes with a Tales of the Forgotten: The Beginning hardcover novel and a 2-disc set of all of the music from TOTF. These come packaged in a beautiful custom box featuring the TOTF logo.

Once the remaining Essential Sets are gone, there will be no more! So now is a great opportunity if you missed out on the Kickstarter to pick up your own copy!

The custom box ships in another box to keep it looking its best!

Only available while supplies last.

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About the book:

“The Beginning” features the existing trilogy (revised and cleaned up, plus an extended Episode I), along with long-awaited Prologue and Epilogue sections.

We’ve also included a dedicated artwork section featuring all of the art from TOTF you know and love, accompanied by new lore excerpts and insight into our development process behind the characters. As well as a songbook section featuring the sheet music of Prologue: Forgotten, Ground Zero, and Believe.

About the CD:

The Essential Set comes with a 2-disc set. The first disc includes the main story music of the beginning, including Prologue: Forgotten, the three episodes’ music, and Epilogue: Forgotten. The second disc includes legacy tracks, bonus tracks from our Patreon and other times, and our sketchbook tracks.

Disc 1 track list (main content):

Prologue: Forgotten

  1. A Friend for Thought

  2. Waking Up Arnold

  3. The Final Piece

  4. My Status is Living

  5. Believe (feat. Jane Decker)

  6. Aapo’s Theme

  7. Birds & Bugs

  8. Unexpected Guests

  9. Purpose

  10. Sunset Memories

  11. Confrontation

  12. Hunted

  13. Ottumn

  14. E2R4

  15. Devolution (feat. KISNOU)

  16. Egregore

  17. Haunted (feat. Steph Kowal)

  18. Epilogue: Beginning

Disc 2 track list (bonus content):

  1. Hydrostasis

  2. Ground Zero

  3. Zsera Suite

  4. Chargebar L37

  5. Foundry Heist

  6. The Last Satellite

  7. Schizophobia

  8. Ottumn Fog

  9. Believe - Acoustic (feat. Emily Miller)

  10. Ground Zero (In the Kitchen)

  11. Sketchbook I: Scrap & Sand

  12. Sketchbook II: Forest Theatre

  13. Sketchbook III: Urban Artifacts

  14. Sketchbook IV: Bigger Picture