Tales of the Forgotten
For them, coexistence felt hopeless.


"The Beginning" Digital Deluxe Package

"The Beginning" Digital Deluxe Package


The digital package of “The Beginning” comes with the following:

  • PDF of “The Beginning” novel (including the artwork and songbook sections)

  • Disc 1 (main content) and Disc 2 (bonus content) music (see track list below)

  • PDFs of the sheet music included in the songbook section of the novel

  • 38 wallpapers of our artwork formatted for desktop and phones

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Disc 1 track list (main content):

  1. Prologue: Forgotten

  2. A Friend for Thought

  3. Waking Up Arnold

  4. The Final Piece

  5. My Status is Living

  6. Believe (feat. Jane Decker)

  7. Aapo’s Theme

  8. Birds & Bugs

  9. Unexpected Guests

  10. Purpose

  11. Sunset Memories

  12. Confrontation

  13. Hunted

  14. Ottumn

  15. E2R4

  16. Devolution (feat. KISNOU)

  17. Egregore

  18. Haunted (feat. Steph Kowal)

  19. Epilogue: Beginning

Disc 2 track list (bonus content):

  1. Hydrostasis

  2. Ground Zero

  3. Zsera Suite

  4. Chargebar L37

  5. Foundry Heist

  6. The Last Satellite

  7. Schizophobia

  8. Ottumn Fog

  9. Believe - Acoustic (feat. Emily Miller)

  10. Ground Zero (In the Kitchen)

  11. Sketchbook I: Scrap & Sand

  12. Sketchbook II: Forest Theatre

  13. Sketchbook III: Urban Artifacts

  14. Sketchbook IV: Bigger Picture