Tales of the Forgotten
For them, coexistence felt hopeless.


Episode II: Unexpected Guests

Episode II: Unexpected Guests


The second episode of Tales of the Forgotten, “Unexpected Guests” finds Aapo alone among an empty village and Rebourne Forest. After the pollution and downfall of civilization, Aapo is the only one left to nurture the ancient trees that can no longer sustain themselves. But when an unwelcomed group of humans arrives at the village, he has to decide which lives matter most: theirs, or the trees' to which he has dedicated his life's work.

Music by Dylan C. Jones & Bill Piyatut H. 
Story by Josh Beckelhimer
Illustration by Cesar Espejo

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Track listing:

  1. Aapo's Theme
  2. Birds & Bugs
  3. Unexpected Guests
  4. Purpose
  5. Sunset Memories
  6. Confrontation
  7. Hunted

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  • HD wallpaper