Tales of the Forgotten
For them, coexistence felt hopeless.


Episode I: My Status is Living

Episode I: My Status is Living


The first episode of Tales of the Forgotten, "My Status is Living" explores the relationship of Iris, a machinery expert, and Rin, a young and naive robot companion built by Iris. Fearing for herself and Rin, whom she thinks of as her own child, Iris struggles with knowing she must leave the Grey Wastes, a mega-scrapyard she's been a part of for many years, and find others in an unknown world.

Music by Dylan C. Jones & Bill Piyatut H. 
Story by Josh Beckelhimer
Illustration by Eddie Mendoza

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Track listing:

  1. A Friend for Thought
  2. Waking Up Arnold
  3. The Final Piece
  4. My Status is Living
  5. Believe (feat. Jane Decker)

What's included?

  • .MP3s of the 5-track EP
  • .PDF of the chapter
  • HD wallpaper