Tales of the Forgotten
For them, coexistence felt hopeless.



As Tales of the Forgotten moves forward, we strive to consistently better define the true sound of the universe in which this story lies. And though that sound may be clearly defined, the atmosphere and emotional quality that drives it is constantly changing, morphing through new perspectives and literary developments over time. To convey these varying themes, we write music which may not be directly related to the storyline of our episodes.

"Zsera Suite" is an aquatic journey through the city of Zsera. Though only rumors, some say it is a city lost in time, free from the harsh fate that befell the rest of the planet; a place where man and machine are said to coexist, just as the outside world used to.

"Ground Zero" serves to capture the mechanical yet organic atmosphere of Ottumn. The metropolis, Ottumn, was once a bustling hub of human and machine life. When the machines rebelled, and took over the city, they spent some time expanding, and upgrading it in their own way. Humans struck back and Ottumn, mostly, fell back into their control. After their oath against technology the humans reverted the expansions, allowing Ottumn to turn into the green, organic version it is now.

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"Prologue" is meant to govern the overarching theme of the story. Not only does it capture the style of music that is definitive of this world, but it also evokes the raw emotions that the characters of this story hinge on: Loneliness, Hope, and fear; a juxtaposition of feelings that encapsulates how distraught and chaotic, but perhaps with a hint of beauty under the right light, this world really is. The events that have taken place are not the most noble, nor the most forgivable.

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"Hydrostasis" aims to amplify the magically eerie yet serene atmosphere of the Forest of Rebourne. Stretching for miles, the forest is home to a vibrant array of life. Ages old, the trees are large, with vines hanging. During the day the sun shines, slightly green, through the leaves and the soft sounds of nature can be heard, creating a serene atmosphere. A nearby village is connected to it, keeping some trees alive, and providing a home for people or machines that love the forest.