Tales of the Forgotten
For them, coexistence felt hopeless.


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The Journey to Patreon


After the release of "My Status is Living," we felt accomplished. After figuring out a way to best continue delivering content to our fans, we felt we had started on the track to strong success. Unfortunately, we felt we were still lacking a consistent form of communication with our fans. After months of discussion and planning, we have finally launched what we believe to be the answer to our problem: Patreon. 

We see Patreon as the next big evolution of TOTF and everything it's about. We wanted to find a solution that allowed us to consistently push out content and communicate with our fans, while at the same time not breaking the bank to produce quality creations. We hope to one day make TOTF a larger part of our lives, something we can spend a majority of our time working on and expanding, but right now it is unfortunately a side project for both of us. And because of that, we suffer a financial burden whenever we seek to produce content.

We pay for all of the project's expenses out of our own pockets, and some of these expenses are, understandably, not cheap. Because of this, we have felt a decent amount of stress to produce the highest quality content we can for you guys while at the same time attempting to be as conservative as possible about the money we spend to bring this project to life. We aim to improve TOTF's quality and rid ourselves of this dilemma by launching our Patreon.

Patreon allows our fans to support us via a monthly subscription fee of their choice, anywhere from $1 to $10. Based on how much you are paying, you will receive Patreon-exclusive updates and content that others don't have access to. With our fans directly supporting our efforts to produce new content, we are able to focus all our energy on making that content as high quality as possible, while at the same time making some of it exclusive to patrons.

To celebrate the launch of our Patreon, we have written a new track, "Zsera Suite", that is available to download for ALL new patrons. We hope you help us in keeping Tales of the Forgotten alive and stick around for what is to come!

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