Tales of the Forgotten
For them, coexistence felt hopeless.


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When one door closes...

Hello everyone!

Dylan and Bill here to deliver an update concerning TOTF. Tales of the Forgotten has unfortunately been unsuccessful and we have not reached our goal of $17,300. And while this is a sad experience for us, we are looking on the bright side of things. We knew that having a goal of $17,300 was a stretch, and it's something that probably could have been friendlier, but we wanted to aim high and had an optimistic outlook on the project. That being said, we want to thank the 100 backers that we received, along with all of the generous support and optimistic feedback we received along the way. We were able to see $3,600 contributed to our project. To see that so many people are passionate and intrigued enough by this project that they would collectively give us thousands of dollars is a great feeling; and it warms our hearts to know we have quite a few strong fans out there. 

So what is the future of TOTF now that the Kickstarter is over? 

We have discussed this topic extensively. We think (and have a pretty strong idea thanks to all of you) that our story and project is a unique one; a project that stands out from the crowd and could potentially go places. After all, we've gotten tens of people asking us if we are making a video game, which is sort of a nice feeling XD. And because we ourselves are passionate about this story, we don't want to see it fade away. So, we will be attempting to keep the project alive in a sort of different way for the time being.

While we could always restart the Kickstarter and attempt to go raise a lower amount of money for a second time, we've decided to shelf the dream-pursuit for the time being, as we have a lot of big changes coming up for us in the coming months (graduating from college and moving across the country). BUT we are going to try to write music for the story still whenever we find time and motivation. If we think of an idea for a part of this universe we have created, we will toss the idea back and forth and come up with something, and share it with all of you just like we have been with the rest of the music. Now this music won't be written frequently, and may be quite infrequent, but we are not going to let this story die. We know it's a good one. We've seen the feedback, heard the outcries, the pleas for a video game. The last thing we'll do is let this story fade into the abyss.

Now along with continuing to write music for this universe, we are going to try something a little different to go along with it. Over the course of starting this project, we have received multiple inquiries from writers and artists about possibly helping us write the story or work on illustrations. During the planning stages, we already had most of this laid out and knew the people we were going to commission to do the work. But now obviously the scenario has changed. Along with those inquiries, we have also received a few awesome examples of fan writing and fan art. We can't express how great it feels to see that people are imagining their own characters and storylines based on our universe. So we're deciding to embrace it. 

We will be getting in contact with those who submitted their own works about TOTF to see if they will permit us to display their work on our site in a sort of "fan-fiction" section. And we will be graciously welcoming any more fan works (even music) to display on our site to show everyone how passionate some of our fans are about this idea. We want to push this to a more "community-fueled" route. And even though there might not be that much "community fuel," we still want to give our fans the opportunity to share their creativity and imaginations with everyone else. So if there are any creators out there, no matter what you do, if you are inspired by our story, we would love to see what you create from that inspiration. :) 

Along with these fan publications (which we will be crediting all respective creators for, and we will not be claiming any ownership), we will also might be publishing any previous writings for TOTF that our author, Josh, has done up to this point, to show you all what we had in the works. It is nowhere near a complete novel like we wanted, but definitely a taste.

In summation

It has been a long journey. We started collaborating on this over a year ago, not knowing where it would take us. But we are proud of our accomplishments. We've learned a lot through our achievements and mistakes, and the next time around we will come back stronger than we were before. And even though we came up short, we still have a lot to show for the work we have done, and made numerous strong relationships along the way.

We once again would like to thank all of you for your support and contributions. It warms our hearts to know hundreds of other people are passionate about something we've worked together to create. An idea that started as just an idea and grew into so much more; a lot more than we ever could have hoped.

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Keep an ear to the ground. We'll be around, lurking in the shadows, posting updates every now and then. If you are a creator or have something to say about our project, please feel free to contact us. We love to hear from our audience. We will (hopefully) be sharing a little more music with you all fairly soon as well. 

Thank you for your time, your commitment, your donations, your love, and most importantly your faith in us and in Tales of the Forgotten.

Until we meet again,
Dylan & Bill