Tales of the Forgotten
For them, coexistence felt hopeless.


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A small delay...

As you all know, we expected to be launching the Kickstarter project for Tales of the Forgotten on February 4th, this upcoming Thursday. Unfortunately, we have hit a small payment processing delay while getting everything situated with Kickstarter. But no worries, we are getting the issue sorted out as quickly as we can to get TOTF up and running. We know it’s annoying to be waiting for such a long time. A lot of you are very excited about the project and we are too!

It should not be much of a delay, hopefully a week at most. We do not have a specific launch date yet, but once we do, we will be sure to let everyone know! Meanwhile if you still haven’t, go check out our facebook page and follow our twitter (link below). That way, you will be the first to know once we launch the kickstarter campaign

Thank you for your continued support, and we will be showing you much much more very soon!