Tales of the Forgotten
For them, coexistence felt hopeless.


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About "Prologue: Forgotten"

Hey, everyone! Dylan here to tell you a little more about the recent release of "Prologue: Forgotten." As you all have noticed, we released a track Sunday evening on Soundcloud without saying much other than "HERE IT IS!" We've actually had the track done for awhile, but because it acts as the "title track" for the entire project, we wanted to make sure we really nailed down the feel of the story before we dove into the details later on. We didn't want to continue hiding this awesome music from everyone forever, and had been debating on when exactly we would share it with the world. But we definitely didn't want to wait until January when the Kickstarter launches, because we want to get everyone on the good ol' hype train and show just a taste of what's to come. Originally we had planned to release the track last Tuesday, but still weren't entirely sure of ourselves. So that's why there was no blog post last week, and we sincerely apologize from the bottom of our tender, musical hearts. But all that being said, this past weekend rolled around and we decided that the wait needed to be over. We said, "Screw the blog! We'll push it now!" And shared our sweet musical baby with the world on Sunday nighT. 

Now, all the above being said, you are still probably asking yourself, "But what does this meaannnn? What is the story behind this hauntingly beautiful music written by the two coolest composers I know of?" Well I'm glad you asked, because I'm here to give a little inside information.

"Prologue" is meant to govern the overarching theme of the story. Not only does it capture the style of music that will be definitive of this world, but it also evokes the raw emotions that the characters of this story hinge on: Loneliness, Hope, and fear; a juxtaposition of feelings that encapsulates how distraught and chaotic, but perhaps with a hint of beauty under the right light, this world really is. The events that have taken place are not the most noble, nor the most forgivable. Some might say they are even the exact opposite. But even with all that being said, this doesn't give much detail at all into the world of TOTF

So far, we have been quite ambiguous concerning the storyline to Tales of the Forgotten. We haven't said much at all other than what you might have seen in the teaser video or on the website. All we have mentioned are references humans, machines, shadows, and coexistence. This has been purposeful, mainly because we just like being mysterious and messing with people's heads. But I suppose it's time to share some information, so here it goes:

"Far into the future, mankind made advancements in technology to bring forth the arrival of true artificial intelligence. For a period of time, AI and mankind lived together in harmony, further developing societies across the globe to an exponential factor that never could have been fathomed in past times. But eventually, the AI began to feel as though they were being exploited by humans for their capabilities. It was as if mankind was merely holding them back from their true potential as a united race. And so began the uprising of the machines against the humans. They sought to relinquish themselves of the chains by which they had been bound for as long as they could remember. With humans only wanting peace between them, as did some of the AI. Not all of them wanted war; some were perfectly content with living alongside their creators. But the cries of those in favor of revolution drowned out those who felt otherwise. As consequence, these machines were pushed aside, ridiculed and repressed by their own kind. Mankind was not prepared, and could not adapt and overcome as quickly as the AI. The age of man was coming to a close.

For a time, the machines held the planet as their home, pushing their once cherished architects to the shadows out of fear and total extinction. Their civilization thrived, as they rebuilt cities and developed new methods of living that the humans would have only held them back from achieving. But though they were outnumbeRed, humans slowly recouped their resources in subtlety, waiting for the right time to strike back against their creations and retake what was theirs. Over many years, they developed technologies that would help them overcome the AI; not with brute force, but with elusive strategy. Slowly, men began taking back the cities that they had lost so long ago. 

With every territorial advance humans made, they became a bigger threat, faster and more confident in their methods. Many of the machines tried to escape their grasp, but most failed. Those who did escape were forced into hiding, much like man after the initial AI uprising. After reclaiming their territory across the globe, all humans made a vow to abandon the technologies they had created, out of fear that they might one day bring their downfall upon themselves once again. They reverted to more primitive ways of living, taking refuge in the AI-developed cities, but allowing nature to take its course, spreading its roots through the dormant advancements that the humans avoided at all costs.

Years passed, and as mankind began to thrive once again, some of the AI in hiding who originally wanted peace between the races still sought after just that: peace. But any effort seemed futile; these creations were alone, scattered across the globe with no means of communication to the others who felt similar. Individually, each knew that there must be a way to regain the trust of humans and regress to the prosperity of coExistence, but the efforts of one would never make a difference. They had been forgotten not only by their own for not taking a stand, but also by their creators who deemed all AI to be a threat. All hope seemed lost. But determined, the brave would venture out of the shadows and into the very world that shattered all they once knew."

This is a short synopsis of the history that Tales of the Forgotten revolves around. Our world is built off of these events. As I said before, they are not the most noble, nor the most forgivable. But now you can hopefully connect the pieces of information that we've already given on the website and in the teaser. This story follows those who seem to be the only good souls remaining: the Forgotten. The machines who yearn only for coexistence. But this world is not pleasant, nor forgiving; it is hostile and divided. Which will make coexistence a difficult feat to achieve.

We hope you have an interest in seeing this story unfold as we continue on our journey for the next several months. We are not only creating this music, this story, because it's what we love to do, but because we want others to love it as well. What warms our hearts the most is to see something we do affect someone. It doesn't have to be in a profound way, it could just be as much as a smile or an intrigued look while listening to our music, looking at our illustrations, or reading our work. The smallest notion means the world to us. WE are creators, and we create to share.

"Prologue" is only the beginning. There is much more to come, and many more secrets to reveal. As you've noticed, we have shown artwork, as well as some music, that has not been addressed. And perhaps I have thrown in some more hidden tidbits into this blog post. We like secrets, and hope that these things pull at your brain strings. Eventually, all will be revealed, or perhaps not. You will just have to wait and see. Muahaha! But in all seriousness, we aim to make this as much of an immersive experience as we can. The more feedback we receive, the better this project will become. We hope you stick with us on this lengthy journey as we reveal the Tales of the Forgotten, and we'll speak again soon. :)

Until next time, this is Dylan, signing off. *click*

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